Other games

Old games, side projects, and games made for competitions

The Cursed Legion

My first real CCG. A prototype for Legion of Eternity.

Thirty Cycles

A turn-based RPG inspired by Nemesis system. Made for Nemesis Jam.

The Name of the Demon

The Name of the Demon is a small RPG made for a 64Digits.com competition.

Avalir's Quest

Avalir's Quest is a casual RPG/dungeon crawler.

Traincopter Genesis

A small action-arcade game in which you have to defend a train. Made in about 10 hours, started as an entry for 10² jam.

lost places : architect

An experimental building game.

Battle for '17

Battle for '17 is a simple shooter platformer made in 3 days.


ULTMTCMBT is a shoot 'em up made in about 8 hours, started as an entry to 10² Jam.

Armored Constellations

Armored Constellations is a small looter shooter.

Song of Wrath

Song of Wrath is a bullet hell RPG made under 12 hours.

Mortal Symbols

Mortal Symbols is a small CCG made under 48 hours.


Lur is an RPG with a lot of content. It is my third game.

Sector Seven

Sector Seven is an experimental shoot 'em up with RPG elements. My second game and Sector Six prototype.


My first game.

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