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Legion of Eternity is a card game with deep customization, procedurally generated loot, and a story of cosmic horror. After humanity falls to a disaster of an unknown origin, a horde of mutants and machines is sent to wake the only thing that could save what remains.

We did a horrible mistake. Before it all, the Universe used to lie on the edge of an infinitely grander existence.

It's a scape so alien that we couldn't comprehend it was there, even though we lived for aeons right next to it.

Now we know, of course, because now we're in it. We have pushed our reality into that abyss.

And the worst part is that we have began to adapt. Now we understand the things we shouldn't, we are no longer human.

Our time is limited. I need to find a solution while I still can.

I remember something about what I did. There is something that lurks here, a massive presence.

I have created you to reach out to it. To activate the remnants of greatness.

To do one last thing before we become infinite.

They have to know.

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