Small Moons, Zuurix's game studio + LOTLW development update

Hi all!

A small update for those wondering what’s going on: Small Moons is a studio created by me, Zuurix a.k.a. Aivaras Klimas.

I’ve created it in case I’ll want to expand in the future and because saying that these games are made by me isn’t entirely correct.

Two of my biggest games are made with the awesome Bert Cole of Bit By Bit Sound.

Please follow Small Moons creator’s page to be updated about new game releases: Link »

Also, I have some bad news for those waiting for Light of the Locked World: The development of this game has been paused by at least 6 months.

I will have more news about that in the future, and these will be some pretty big and exciting news, but I have to be quiet for now.

Until next time!


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