LOTLW Devblog #15: The last entry?

Hey all,

This might be the last entry I write because it just takes too much time. For example previous entry - “LOTLW Devblog #14: Geography of the Locked World” - took me almost a day to write and publish.

So instead I’ll just make quick development updates on Twitter and Discord.

Twitter »

Discord »

You can also see how is the development going on LOTLW Trello board:

Trello »

Anyway, since the previous entry I have:

This is how one of the new classes - Archer - looks:

Now I’m working on Mage class, after that I’ll add even more items, then I’ll need to teach NPCs how to use those new items, then I’ll want to make NPC AI rework, loot container rework, and… And then I’ll probably update the demo!

So that is all, see you on Twitter/Discord!


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