Sector Six: Major update! Set rework and endgame shortcut

This update is an attempt to even out power levels of the sets. Lodeon’s Ultimatum should no longer be the only set capable of reaching 10+ waves in Absolute Deterioration.

The new and improved set effects:

Etherion’s Clash

If your spaceship’s installed abilities are of the same color: Weapon damage is multiplied by X The multiplier is based on the number of weapons installed Armor generated by armor generation is added to base maximum armor Armor generation is doubled Always active: +10% armor generation per Etherion’s Clash set component installed

Cor’s Voidmass

If your spaceship has no compressed parts installed: Triples core attributes +10 levels to Unload, Detonate, and Attract Mines abilities per weapon installed Maximum armor is multiplied by 1 + 0.01 per alloy used during the mission Capped at 1000 alloy Always active: +5% to core attributes per Cor’s Voidmass set component installed

Ultranid’s Torment

Cooldowns of all abilities are set to 0.5 seconds Activating an ability deals damage to your spaceship Damage dealt is equal to 10% of maximum armor +10% damaging wave damage per every damaging wave chance percent that is above the cap Current damaging wave chance: X% Current damaging wave damage: X% Always active: +10% damaging wave damage per Ultranid’s Torment set component installed

Kithalia’s Blight

Maximum ether and maximum armor is multiplied by blight multiplier When ether reaches 100%: Ether is set 0 and the blight multiplier increases by 0.1 The multiplier is capped at 10 While your spaceship has no relays and nodes installed: Weapon damage is multiplied by X The multiplier is based on the number of weapons installed Always active: +10% ether generation per Kithalia’s Blight set component installed

Oesa’s Radiance

Weapon damage is multiplied by 1 + 0.01 per 1000 ether 3 seconds invincibility after an enemy is destroyed Always active: +10% maximum ether per Oesa’s Radiance set component installed

Azimar’s Killframe

Weapon limit is equal to the part limit Ether is removed Damage reduction is halved and the reduction cap is set to 100% Your spaceship takes damage when a minion is destroyed Damage is equal to 10% of weapon damage Nuke ability damage is multiplied by X The multiplier is based on the number of installed parts that increase ability levels Always active: +10% weapon damage per Azimar’s Killframe set component installed

Lodeon’s Ultimatum

Base weapon damage is equal to 100% of the maximum armor Effect strength is based on the number of parts installed Every second the damage is dealt to your spaceship Damage dealt is equal to 2% of maximum armor Always active: +10% maximum armor per Lodeon’s Ultimatum set component installed

Endgame shortcut

The endgame is now more accessible than ever! Start a new game and jump right into the endgame by skipping leveling and story.

Other changes

Better Unload attacks, Awakening of Inner Power, mission-saving items, automatic containers + quality of life changes!

Have fun!


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