Light of the Locked World: Demo update! Version 0.3.0: Crafting, save system, item storage

The demo is still not representative of the final version and severely lacks content, but it will take a few more months to fix that, and I don’t want to have large gaps between demo updates.

The big changes in this update are:

Crafting: Use the new Alchemist and Materialist roles to craft items.

Mining: Use the new Gatherer role to mine rocks for ore, that is used in crafting.

Save system: Progress is now saved! Press the “Save” button on the pause menu.

Item storage: Find a talkstone chest in Locul and use it to deposit items.

Logs UI: Achievements + map + notes + quest log 2.0 + statistics + reputation page shortcut. This UI will be very important in the future.

This demo also is the start of the LOTLW beta testing program!

I am going to start adding content soon and most of it won’t be available in the demo. I don’t want players to get bored of the game before it is completed. However, I still need help from the players, so I will make the full version available to the beta testers.

As a reward, beta testers will get a copy of the finished game.

More info »

At the moment the full version is no different from the demo, but this should change soon.

Anyway, now that demo is released, I am going to:

That is all for now, until next time!


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