LOTLW Devblog #14: Geography of the Locked World

This is a follow-up to “LOTLW Devblog #10: History of the Locked World”, this time it’s more about the locations and less about the events.

The world’s name is Kayos. Its title of the Locked World has two meanings: It is teleportation-locked, meaning that standard teleportation spells do not function in Kayos, and it’s also tidally locked. Tidally locked worlds do not spin around their axes, so one of the sides always faces the star. In Kayos’ case, it’s tidally locked between two stars.

The side that always faces the yellow giant - Dragon’s Eye - is called Rezelot, and the side that always faces the purple dwarf - Erquam - is called Erquaria.

Astronomy of the Locked World?

Anyway, as I mentioned before, the game takes place in Rezelot, Erquaria will be inaccessible.

Rezelot is the land surrounding Abyssal Waters.

(The map size is 1600x1600, try viewing it in a separate tab)

Abyssal Waters

Abyssal Waters is an extremely deep body of water. Abyssal Waters captures and redistributes the heat, giving the surrounding areas a gentle climate. It’s also special because crystals called abysts grow on the bottom of it. If not abysts, Rezelot would have never been colonized.

Two Suns Desert

A desert east of Rezelot, that doesn’t fully belong to Rezelot and Erquaria. The middle of it is a permanent sunset zone of both Dragon’s Eye and Erquam. This where the light of both stars meets, it’s the hottest region in the Kayos.


A frozen wasteland west of Rezelot. Like Two Suns Desert, it is between Rezelot and Erquaria. The sky above O’ool is always covered by clouds of smoke from a chain of volcanoes in Erquaria, it’s dark and cold here. O’ool gives western Rezelot a cool climate.

Pole Wastes

Rezelot, Erquaria, Two Suns Desert, and O’ool converge in the world’s pole wastes, which are lifeless gravel fields. There are two points of interest in Rezelot that are close to the Pole Wastes - Azu’urunn and the Listening Tower.


Impassable forests of tangled kayian pines that occupy a large part of Rezelot land between Northern Pole Waste and Abyssal Waters These pines are the only trees that grow in Kayos.

Moonrise Desert

A desert in the north-eastern part of the Rezelot. Under a thin layer of the desert’s sand, there are deposits of iron-rich rocks. This is where the iron to build an artificial moon was mined from, leaving pits that followed the rock deposits. The moon was later launched into the orbit, giving desert its name.

Moonrise Site

A field in Moonrise Desert where Demon Moon was launched.

Interference Point

Interference is a disruption of the World Gates, which brings people from other worlds to Kayos. Interference takes people to a spot in Moonrise Desert, south of the Locul town and that spot is called Interference Point.


Town in Moonrise Desert. It used to be a miner town, now it’s a small outpost of civilization in the middle of nowhere. It has a tavern, an emporium, a lab, a small mine, two matter kilns, an immigration office, and Locul Mining Company headquarters.

Eastern Trilith

Eastern Trilith is on the edge between Moonrise Desert and Eir Meadows, it’s the closest town to Locul. The other and bigger half of this town is on the other side of Rezelot. Those halves are joined together by talkstone triliths. Eastern Trilith is a town not bigger than Locul and is mostly inhabited by soldiers who guard it.

Eir Meadows

West from Eastern Trilith is Eir Meadows, a land of fertile soil covered in grass.


Irrigation canals that take water from Abyssal Waters to the edge of Moonrise Desert, extending the Eir Meadows.


A small but busy farmer town. Meadows around Eir is has been turned into farmland, which feeds the city of Luma.


The largest and most influential city in Kayos often called the capital of the world. If it isn’t that, then it’s is the capital of Rezelot. Like all coastal cities in Kayos, Luma is an abyst city. It means that the main function is the city to lift crystals with magic amplifying properties from the bottom of the Abyssal Waters. This difficult work is done in the mining docks, that extend far into the Abyssal Waters. The dirty and noisy port area is surrounded by tall, beautiful houses, mansions, and towers - Luma is a densely populated and rich city.

Smuggler’s Hat

An island that looks vaguely like a sailor’s hat when viewed from one of its sides.

Kingdom’s End

North of Luma is a battlefield in which Luma’s and Berelem’s armies defeated armies of the Kingdom, ending the coastal city rebellion against the Azu’urunn monarch tyranny. It’s a land ravaged by magic, covered in remains of war equipment, and haunted by possessed armor, the Kingdom’s artificial, demonic soldiers.

Atan’s Enclave

A small territory northwest of Luma, controlled by Atan, lord of the Kingdom who survived the War.

Atan’s Fortress

A name for both a fortification and a small town in its shadow. A base for monarchist movement, also inhabited by rogues and other criminals, which are welcomed here by Lord Atan.

Iron Stronghold

A fortification north of Luma, a defense line between pinewoods, between the Kingdom and Luma. If not its iron walls, Luma could have been taken over by the Kingdom, putting an end to the rebellion. It was under siege almost all seven of the War’s years, but with support from all of the rebel cities, it did not fell.

Rogue Wall

Rogue Wall is a line of barricades built by rogues of Moonrise Desert to funnel travelers into a passage for easy ambushes.

Talkstone Mine

A place where the talkstone is mined. This material is used to circumvent the magic that blocks teleportation.

Salt Road

A trade route for goods - mostly salt - from Erquarian Station, though most of the goods reach the rest of Rezelot via boats from Berelem. Salt is nowhere to be found in Rezelot, so it has to be imported from Erquaria.

Edario’s Island

An island created by Edario, a powerful mage of Berelem. Bridges to the island were destroyed by Edario to trap the Kingdom’s army who marched through the Island to attack Berelem.

Erquarian Station

Erquarian trade, diplomatic, and military outpost. The only place in Kayos where you will meet erquarians, the non-human people from the land under the purple sun.


A land around Berelem, protected by wooden walls, built after the War when Rezelot became full of deserted soldiers and possessed armor.


It’s a city of alchemy and architecture that imitates the erquarian style.


Largest gold mine in Rezelot, part of the reason why Berelem is so rich.

Western Trilith

Western Trilith is bigger and busier than the Eastern and it’s full of soldiers - Western Trilith is far in the Fallen Kingdom. Soldiers fight every day to keep demons and the possessed armor away from Trilith and the road that connects west with the east.

Thousand Towers

An industrial city south of Western Trilith. Its name comes from hundreds of abyst towers - contraptions that are used in the creation of amalgam - light, strong, and spell amplifying metal made by fusing abyst dust, silver, and gold. Thousand Towers and Rannah’s Domain is ruled by Rannah, inventor of amalgam, the only person who knows what is happening inside the abyst towers while amalgam is being created.

Rannah’s Domain

A land recognized as a property of Rannah, a neutral zone that does not belong to any of the abyst cities.

Cooling Lake

A lake that provides water to cool abyst towers.

Depleted Vein

Abandoned silver mine.

Forest Way

A road that goes through pinewoods.

Glowing Village

The abysts have a dangerous property - if there are a lot of them in one place, they start glowing and emitting magical waves that damage the minds of people in the vicinity. They never stop glowing, this village is one of the places in Rezelot that were abandoned because of this effect.

Spirit Pastures

A grassland north from Korrev, on the coast of Abyssal Waters. It’s roamed by spirits that for some reason flock to this place.


A glowing city. It’s not known what lead to the accident that turned Korrev into it.


A cold wasteland where worldlocks fall. Worldlocks are giant crosses made out of the tainted lead, a material that disrupts teleportation spells and portals. Worldlocks are sent to Kayos every 50 years and this is where they end up.

Grey Glacier

A glacier of strange, unmelting ice.

Silver Field

A large field between O’ool in the west, Abyssal Waters in the east, Grey Glacier in the north, and Demon Forests in the south. It’s most famous for silver ore veins.


Small silver miner town next to one of the largest silver mines in Rezelot.

Old Grawas

Ruins of a rebel city destroyed during the War. Infested by demons that destroyed it.

New Grawas

An island-city built by the survivors of the original Grawas destruction. It’s small, new, rich from abyst mining, and still mourning the fall of Old Grawas.

Demon Forests

Pinewoods infested by demons that fled here during the Demon War and after the destruction of Grawas.

Branna’s Hill

A demon banisher town. Has world’s only banisher academy, people come here to learn and train by going on hunts into the forests and fields infested by demons. The Hill’s banishers also ensure the demon population is controlled so they wouldn’t spread north. Found during the Demon War by Queen Branna.

Demon Pastures

Fields roamed by demons.


Abandoned fishing village, where ships take mages to and back from the Listening Tower.

The Listening Tower

Mages come here to invent new spells and listen to the True Ocean, the source of magic. It was built here because it’s far from civilized lands, where the Ocean is being constantly disturbed by spells.

The Fallen Kingdom

A territory that is south of Northern Pole Waste, north of Pinewoods, west of Two Suns Desert, and east from O’ool. During the War, this territory was controlled by the Kingdom. Before the War, the Kingdom controller the entire Rezelot. It was ravaged by an apocalyptic spell cast by Talyaan the Fourth, the Last King.


First bodies of water found by the human colonists.

Vaults of the Glow

It was a test site for the Glow. The experiments that determined what causes the Glow made the site a place with the largest concentration of glowing abysts in Kayos.

King’s Mine

A massive mine complex that provided the Kingdom with iron and gold, especially during the War.


A city from which the monarchs ruled the Kingdom The first human city in Kayos. A city around the World Gate that brought the humans the world and that became inactive after Kayos became the Locked World. Now ruins burning with eternal fires created by the Last King’s Spell.


A ruined city south of Azu’urunn.


A ruined industrial city south of Mirinit, where equipment for Kingdom’s armies was made.

If I haven’t missed anything, that should be all of the places on the map.

I hope it was an interesting read, and I’m cutting this entry right here, as I already spend a lot of writing it.

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