Magic of Autumn: Steam release on February 17th!

Hey all!

Magic of Autumn will become available on February 17, 6:00 am PST!

The game will cost $2.99 / £2.09 / €2.39

I began working on Magic of Autumn in 2017, it was a game for a small competition.

After the competition was over, I kept working on the game during free time from other, larger projects.

In 2019, I’ve decided to finally finish it, and spend a month adding the last required content, polishing, and fixing issues.

I delayed the release a few times and made more improvements based on tester feedback after that month of intense work. That’s how the release date ended up pushed to 2020.

Magic of Autumn has become very dear to me despite its low-budget nature and I hope it will be able to make at least a few people happy.

So that’s all for now, let’s see what happens on the 17th!



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