LOTLW Devblog #12: The Vision

A week ago I’ve been worried about the game. While I love it unconditionally and developing it is incredibly fulfilling, I was unsure how to explain to others why is the game worthy of attention.

I would go over the features that LOTLW will have, and would not find any exceptional ones. But it was a wrong approach. It’s the little things that together make a game I am confident in.

I have discovered that when I have started writing down all of the ideas I want to try with LOTLW. Later that list has turned into a new feature list for the game.

Here it is:

(Keep in mind it’s about the finished game and it’s just a plan for it, not a promise)

For those who are unfamiliar with such systems: You are not limited to gaining experience in one class - instead, you have access to all. Your actions will determine which class gains experience, naturally turning you skilled in classes you like. Light of the Locked World brings this old system to the future: Flaw of it was that eventually, you would become a master of classes and at the end of the game your character would be identical for all players. The game’s roles come with perk trees which you will not be able to master 100% - meaning you will have to choose carefully and create builds for each for the 10 roles the game has.

The game is set in a world that is a manifestation of ideas from western and high fantasy genres. Industrial cities recovering from a recent war that succeeded in ending the monarch tyranny, lawless lands outside city walls, bounty hunters, magic crystal “gold rush”, immigrants, magic-powered technology, demons and spirits, ancient runes and portals.

Unlike many games, Light of the Locked World does not have a grand opening that immediately establishes the story. That is because your character is not special - no prophecies, no unique powers, just a regular person. Start your journey as an unskilled, weak, poor immigrant and see what the Locked World will turn you into.

The theme of the player character not being extraordinary is also prevalent in the character design. All human non-player characters - NPCs - are almost identical to player characters. There are many similarities, but the most important is that NPCs have inventories that they can fully utilize - use healing consumables from them, equip weapons and armor, even pick up items. Many fascinating situations and decisions emerge from this - dying to enemies might mean that they will get your items, there is an option to allow enemies to level up, merchant inventories are not safe from players who don’t play by the rules, and so on.

All characters belong to a faction. Attacking faction characters will reduce your reputation, and might turn entire regions of the game’s world against you while doing favors for the faction will make you respected unlocking special benefits and items.

Many of the things in Light of the Locked World are persistent. Enemy characters don’t regain items you took from them, looted chests and mined ore veins don’t refill with goods.

Most numbers and designs in the game are given a slight nudge, making the game asymmetric, giving it unpredictability and even more emergent situations.

There are areas and shortcuts unlocked by acquiring items and abilities.

Four detailed cities with hundreds of buildings, many of them can be entered.

Quests with cutscenes and dialogue, character appearance customization, sophisticated equipment system, crafting, trading, traps, treasure, books, spells, secrets, and more.

All of the above works in the game’s drop-in/drop-out local splitscreen mode! The game allows two players not only cooperate but also play competitively - duel, compete for rare resources and items, use a reputation system to divide the world. E.g.: Player 2 attacks Player 1 which is a member of Luma city faction. City NPCs become hostile to Player 2 and the city becomes a safe zone to Player 1. Don’t have two controllers? Not a problem! Multiplayer can be played just with a keyboard and mouse.


I am very happy to inform that the crafting and key remapping 1.0 has been completed. Next week I’ll be working on an in-game map!

So that’s all for now, the next entry is about the numbers LOTLW has generated so far.

Until then!


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