LOTLW Devblog #10: History of the Locked World

As promised, this entry is about the game’s lore.

Now, the full lore is a dozen pages long, so for this entry, I’ll only share the timeline of the Locked World’s history.

The world’s map is at the end of the post.

So, here it is:

Year 0:

Council of Worlds order to build the World Gate that connects Kayos, now known as the Locked World, to the World Network.

Year 3:

Council of Worlds order to sink a collection of confiscated magical weapons in Abyssal Waters.

Year 84:

Abysts are discovered by mages who were sent by the Council to check on the sunken weapons. Abyst Rush begins. Gate City begins to grow near the World Gate.

Year 95-106:

Demon Moon is being built.

Year 106:

Demon Moon was risen, the demon population shrinks rapidly from this point as they are banished to the Moon.

Year 130:

The Glow phenomenon is discovered: If a large number of abysts are in one place, they start glowing and it makes all sentient beings in the vicinity lose sanity. Council of Worlds bans the use of abysts and orders to lock Kayos. A year is given for evacuation, most of the colonists and abyst miners leave.

Year 130:

Celeraths - a corrupt family of nobles flees to Kayos. They use their wealth to acquire several abyst mining docks and quickly become influential.

Year 131:

Worldlocks are sent to Kayos. Teleportation spells, demon banishment spell, and the World Gate stop working. Abyst Rush ends.

Year 131:

Celeraths form an army of mercenaries. They take over the Gate City and rename it to Azu’urunn.

Year 132:

The eldest son of the family, Talyann, is crowned as a king of the Kingdom of Azu’urunn. Soon Celerath army takes over the rest of Rezelot.

Year 132-279:

World develops. The magic dampening effect of talkstone is discovered and talkstone-based teleportation spells were invented during this period.

Year 131-251:

Demon population grows because they are no longer getting banished.

Year 168:

Talyann the First dies. His son is crowned as the Talyann the Second.

Year 227:

Talyann the Second dies. His daughter Branna becomes the queen.

Year 251:

Talkstone is sent to Demon Moon and a new banishment spell is created. Demon War begins.

Year 251-255:

Demon War. Demons are being hunted down and banished. They gather into massive swarms to defend themselves and often retaliate, attacking human settlements.

Year 255:

The demon population is reduced to a minimum.

Year 273:

Rannah builds first abyst towers.

Year 276:

Queen Branna dies. Her son is crowned as the Talyaan the Third. Talyaan the Third proves to be a bad king and pushes the Abyst Cities to rebellion.

Year 279:

Abyst Cities - Eiralta, Grawas, Berelem, and Korrev - start a rebellion against the Kingdom, it turns into a war that spreads to all of Rezelot. During the first year of the War, the Kingdom achieves many victories against the unprepared rebels.

Year 280:

The Kingdom’s forces begin the siege of Grawas city. Talyaan the Third is taken as a prisoner when Grawas retaliates. He is executed shortly. His son is immediately crowned as Talyaan the Fourth. Talyaan the Fourth - now known as Talyaan the Last - orders to summon demons. Demons are unleashed upon Grawas and the city is destroyed. The Kingdom becomes aggressive and reckless.

Year 281:

The Kingdom attempts to attack the city of Berelem. The King’s Army is ambushed in Edario’s Island. The Great Mage Edario traps the King’s Army in the Island and starts a desperate battle of one against thousands. He’s not defeated for hours, his spells slay hundreds of king’s soldiers. After he is killed, the army is in such poor shape that it has to retreat.

Year 282:

The Kingdom begins the siege of Iron Stronghold.

Year 283:

The Kingdom builds talkstone triliths. Triliths allow the King’s Army to move quickly around Rezelot and for a short time this advantage grants them a few victories. The Kingdom takes over the city of Korrev.

Year 284:

Army of Eiralta frees the city of Korrev. King’s Army tries again to take over Berelem. The Army is ambushed on the border of Bereland and is defeated. Berelem’s army pushes the Kingdom’s forces out of Moonrise Desert. The Kingdom’s army dwindles. To replace the soldiers, the Kingdom’s mages invent possessed armor. It’s speculated that if not this invention, the Kingdom would have been defeated in 184.

Year 285:

The Kingdom is weakened, the king becomes more desperate. The power of the rebel cities grow, the Kingdom shrinks rapidly. The king orders to build a new road around the Iron Stronghold, as the siege of Iron Stronghold is not giving any results.

Year 286:

The War Road is finished, the Kingdom launches the final attack against Eiralta. The War ends as the Kingdom’s army is defeated. The City of Azu’urunn is surrounded, and lords of the Free Cities send a delegation of mages to bring Talyaan to them. Mages attack Talyaan trying to defeat him, but he unleashes an unknown spell of vast destructive power. The magic lashes the Kingdom and kills everyone in it, including every member of the Celerath family and the City Lords.

Year 286:

Lord Atan, a noble of the now-gone Kingdom takes over territory north-west from Eiralta.

Year 286:

City councils are formed, they begin to rule the devastated Rezelot.

Year 287-300:

A massive wall is being built between the Fallen Kingdom and Eir Meadows to protect the civilized lands from the Kingdom’s demons and possessed armor.

Year 291:

The Glow occurs in the city of Korrev. The entire city is lost.

Year 286-309, Present:

The world is recovering from the War. The Fallen Kingdom burns in unnatural, inextinguishable flames, hordes of possessed armor and demons flee from it, Lord Atan grows in power, rogues roam in the uncivilized lands. The Abyst Cities regaining power and are starting to suppress these actors of chaos.

Year 309, Present:

The World Gate malfunctions and brings you to Kayos.

I hope this was interesting, if there will be a demand for it, I’ll make more lore-related entries.

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