LOTLW Devblog #9: The new development plan

In this entry, I’ll reveal Light of the Locked World’s brand new development plan!

Also, sorry for the scarce entries. I’ll try to post more often from now on.

Anyway, the plan.

Short term:

These tasks are in order I am planning to do them.

As you can see, right now I’m focusing on developing the features and mechanics for the game. Once all of those core systems are in, I can start using them to make new content. It will be much more exciting than it is now: Every month I will add something grand, like a new area or quest!

Long term:

These tasks are unordered. They also have smaller, currently unknown tasks in between them and it scares me a little.

When the content development phase will begin, I’ll first focus on making story quests and content required for them. There will be 6 story quests in total. That might seem small, but some of the quests will take hours to complete.


These tasks have been planned, but I have decided that they aren’t as important. They have low priority on the list and might not make it into the final game. I expect some of them to end up as post-release updates.

And now the important bit.


Beyond 2020.

I don’t believe I’ll finish the game in 2020. There’s simply too much to do for that to be possible. I could say it’s going to be done in 2021, but I don’t want to speculate about that.

The truth is that Light of the Locked World is a very large game for a solo developer like me. I’ve been working on it intensively over eight months now and while I made really good progress, the list of things that need to be done is just growing.

So yeah, let’s hope for 2021 and prepare for even longer.

No matter how long it will take, the Light of the Locked World will be finished in all its “Epic fantasy RPG - Small indie developer edition” glory =]

Anyway, I’ll keep the plan updated, expect an entry about that every month or so. Next week I’ll release entry with a timeline of the world’s history - it’ll be the first entry focused on the lore of the game.

Until then!


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