Echo #109: Relic rework

Hey all, this is just a quick post about the current status of the game’s development.

So, first of all, yes, I am currently working on a relic rework update.

It’s pretty much done, this is what changes it’ll bring:

These relics now increase relic limit by 1 and no longer compete with stronger relics for relic slots:

Now it’s possible to disable animations of these relics by rotating them:

Endgame changes:

The plan is to release all that and more next Saturday.

After that, I’m thinking about doing the set rework. I think I’ll finally nerf Lodeon’s Ultimatum and rework Oesa’s Radiance, Kithalia’s Blight, and Etherion’s Clash sets.

I also might add a new mission type - something to add some visual variety to the game.

So that’s the news for now, until next time!

PS.: I almost forgot to mention - I will update the Steam library assets. Don’t know when, so just hang in there.


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