Light of the Locked World: Demo update! Version 0.1.2: Quests, roles, reputation, new UI

This demo update contains over 4 months of changes.


The game now has two short quests with a bit of lore and adventure.


Gain XP and level up.

Town of Locul

Visit the first town of the game!

Improved mouse and keyboard controls

Now player 1 can use both keyboard and mouse for maximum comfort.

Improved graphics

Added shadows, improved assets.

Warning: Shadows may severely slow down or even crash the game - if that is the case turn off shadows in the options before starting the game.

New UI

New style, new tooltip system, new HUD, game log.

Expanded and improved the first area

New enemy NPCs, bags and crates with loot, more content.

Character improvements

Better NPC AI, NPC chatter system, character interaction system.

Faction reputation system

The first three factions have been implemented: Rogue, Neutral, and Locul. You can gain Locul reputation by completing one of the quests, and you lose reputation by stealing from and attacking Locul’s citizens. If your reputation drops below -99, Locul’s guards will start attacking you.

Current goal

Combat 4.0! The previous demo had combat 2.0 - position based combat. Later I created combat 3.0, but it wasn’t fun, so I had to remove it and leave combat as it is now. Now I’m going to work on combat until I’m happy with it.

Feedback form

As always, I’m looking for feedback. If you got any, you can fill this form:

Link »

Have fun!


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