LOTLW Devblog #8: Town, NPCs, reputation, talking, controls, loot!

During October I worked a lot - I was participating in what is called Devtober. Without going into details - because the entry would be way too long - here are the things I’ve done:

Interior system 1.0 and the town of Locul

12 buildings, 14 NPCs, over 50 tiles, and many other assets - that is the town of Locul! Each building can be entered thanks to interior system 1.0, which was challenging to make and potentially tripled the amount of time city areas will take for me to make - but was totally worth it.

Faction reputation system 1.0

Attacking faction NPCs and stealing their supplies will decrease your reputation to that faction. Lose too much reputation and combat system will mark you as the enemy of the faction - everything is authentic and dynamic. The reputation system will continue being one of the most important systems - it will allow competing players in multiplayer to divide the world among themselves, it creates an entirely new way of playing the game - being criminal, there will be faction unique items, it should be great.

Character interaction and dialogue systems

You can’t have an RPG without them!

Keyboard + mouse control preset

Interact and move using keyboard, attack and browse UI using the mouse - for maximum comfort.

Loot containers 1.0

I made it possible to loot containers - bags, crates, etc. - and that is simply wonderful.

What’s next?

I am going take the game’s demo to GameOn, Lithuania’s gaming convention, so I need to prepare the game for it. I think it’s in good shape right now - I will be releasing a new demo soon.

The goal remains the same - create a miniature version of the game, then use it as an example to develop the rest of the game. After GameOn I’ll make first quests, mage role and the remaining 20% of the Moonrise Desert.

Until next time!

PS.: I’ve got a creator’s page now - if you like what I do, consider following me:

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