Sector Six: Some news

Some have things have changed.


Sector Six is no longer published by Michael Jendryssek.

Without him, Sector Six would probably not be on Steam today and I am very grateful for that - I’m sure all those players who enjoyed Sector Six can relate, so let’s thank him =]

From now on everything will be managed by me, Aivaras Klimas a.k.a. Zuurix. That is should not affect players in any way.


Sector Six might get some updates.

I have decided to dedicate Saturdays to working on low priority projects - side projects and finished major projects. This includes Sector Six!

Currently, I’m busy with Magic of Autumn, but after some time I’ll be able to start updating Sector Six.

First of all, I’m thinking about doing a small relic rework - a bunch of minor changes to making relics truly the top tier parts.

But more about that later - for now that’s all the news.

Until next time!


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