LOTLW Blog #7: R is for role

It’s been a while since the last entry and the reason is that I was working on another game.

But I’ve been back to Light of the Locked World since September 21.

I have reworked combat - made spells activatable with different keys like in many other games and added 3 new spells.

After that, I have added roles and started working on Locul town.

So, what are roles?

In most RPGs you pick a class and then go do whatever is that RPG wants you to do - complete quests, kill monsters, save the world, the usual. You get XP and level up, get attribute points, build your character, become more powerful.

Now imagine that instead of one XP bar, you get several, one for each of the classes and that you’re no longer are locked to one class. You can switch classes whenever you want and while you are using that class, it gains XP, levels up, you become better at using that class.

That’s the role system!

Similar systems can be found in RuneScape, Skyrim, Ultima.

Currently, I have made 2 classes or roles, as they are called in-game: Survivor and Warrior.

You get Survivor XP by using Regenerate spell and restoring health. Later you’ll be able to get XP by using health-restoring consumables and maybe even surviving lethal strikes. Leveling up Survivor increases your maximum health by 3 per level.

You get Warrior XP by dealing damage with Warrior role weapons, which are melee weapons. Leveling up Warrior increases damage and accuracy - but it only applies while using Warrior weapons.

The next demo version will also have Mage and Archer roles, which will function in a similar way to Warrior, but it will be about flinging magic missiles and shooting arrows to kill enemies!

In total there will be 10 roles and it will be possible to level up roles up to level 50. It should take over 10 hours to max out all of them,

In future leveling up roles will not only make you stronger, that will also be required to unlock new content. For example, to equip silver equipment you will need to be level 10 Warrior.

The main goal for me right now is to make the first quest and finish the Moonrise Desert area.

This is what the first quest requires:

Currently, I am building the town, that’s how it looks right now:

When the town is finished, I’ll be making the first non-aggressive NPCs and interaction systems.

So that’s where the game is at, until next time =]


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