Magic of Autumn - A conjured card game!

A new game by Zuurix is now in active development!

Magic of Autumn is my CCG side project, it’s a simple singleplayer game.

You play as a mage on a quest to get your soul back. It is hidden in Golden Apple Island, it’s guarded by magical beings, runes, barriers, traps - and you’ll have to get through all of that.

Gameplay has two phases - exploration and combat.

During exploration, you look for new cards and battles while avoiding traps.

During combat, you use collected cards to defeat a deck controlled by an AI opponent. You have to combine your knowledge of the combat system and deckbuilding skill to win battles.

Each victory allows you to explore more of the Island - which leads to more cards and more battles.

Magic of Autumn’s core feature is conjuring: Every game object can be turned into a card. If you see something new that means you’ll get a new card!

Magic of Autumn began as a game for jam/competition in 2017. Since then I’ve been working on it inconsistently.

This autumn the game will be finished and released on Steam!

The news about the game will be posted on my Twitter account, Discord server, and other usual channels.

Until next time!


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