LOTLW Blog #3: Moonrise Desert and OST

This week I finally fixed area loading and now I’m building the first area - Moonrise Desert.

Here are a few screenshots:

About Moonrise Desert:

It’s an arid land around Moonrise Site, the place where Demon Moon was built and risen.

Demon Moon is a giant iron sphere built to be a prison where demons are taken when they are banished with Ritual of Banishment. Demons must be banished because they are completely indestructible.

Moonrise Desert is very rich with iron, the ore veins are close to the surface and are easy to mine. That’s the main reason why the Moon was built here.

Pits and ditches in the desert are left by mining to get all the iron required for the Moon.

Currently, the only humans in the Moonrise Desert are exiled criminals.

Anyway, I also want to share an epic track from LOTLW’s OST!

Music for Light of the Locked World is composed by Bert Cole, a musical genius who has also made Sector Six OST.

Click here to listen »

Capital of the World will play in Eiralta, world’s most important city.

If you want to know more about Bert Cole, visit his website: Link »

That’s all for this entry.

Until next time!


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