Sector Six: Update! Weapon rework and new content!

Update! Weapon rework and new content!

The biggest update since the release! It makes all weapons useful, adds new relics and enemies for more variety, improves time attack missions, and more!

New enemy: Planar

Planar is an alternative version of sentinel. It’s a medium - threat level 2 - enemy. Currently, it’s the only enemy that releases projectiles from the left of the player ship. Like a sentinel, planar uses a shield but activates it earlier. Planars can be encountered in regions 20, 23, 27, 29, Broken Infinity, and arena missions.

New enemy: Launcher

Launcher attacks player by launching missiles, that fall on the player from the top of the screen. The launcher is another medium, threat level 2 enemy, it also uses a shield. I want to increase the number of shielded enemies to keep shield removal abilities relevant - weapon rework adds two attacks that ignore shields. It’s why I changed Breach ability as well. Launchers can be encountered in regions 10, 12, 14, 17, 20, 22, 25, 28, Broken Infinity, and arena missions.

New enemy: Wasp

Wasp is a threat level 0 enemy, comparable to swarmling. Unlike swarmlings, wasps have high damage for a threat level 0 enemy. Wasp’s only attack ability is telegraphed, giving you more than enough time to move out of the way of attack. Wasps can be encountered in regions 7, 9, 12, 16, 22, 24, 28, and Broken Infinity.

New relics:

Weapon rework removes ether efficiency and cooling rate, making it impossible to change ability ether costs and cooldowns by installing nodes and pylons. Instead, I have added new relics that have those effects. I have also added two relics that are not related to weapon rework, but also expand the possibilities. As usual, new relics come with unique animations.

Suun’s Loom, Atomic Library:

This relic halves ability ether costs and maximum armor, which is a small price to pay for cheaper abilities.

Zero Spire, Coolant Injector:

This relic halves ability cooldowns and doubles ability ether costs. It’s supposed to synergize with Suun’s Loom, Atomic Library. Zero Spire, Coolant Injector is a less extreme version of Tempoquake, Cryostasis.

Tempoquake, Cryostasis:

Tempoquake, Cryostasis reduces ability cooldowns and weapon damage by 90%. This game-changing relic makes some of the faster damage abilities as fast as attack abilities. Combined with Zero Spire, Coolant Injector, it can reduce ability cooldowns by insane 95%. Still, its downside is massive and might require ridiculous amounts of weapon damage or ether generation to be useable.

House of Hate, Isotope Equalizer:

House of Hate, Isotope Equalizer might be the most powerful relic of the six added with this update. It doubles weapon damage, ability ether costs, and ability cooldowns. Because ability ether cost and cooldown modifiers do not affect attack, shield, and shield removal abilities, House of Hate gives you more than it takes away.

Crippled Vault, Broken Reality:

This incredible relic increases the part limit by 10 and reduces core attributes - maximum armor, maximum ether, and weapon damage - by 25%. It also doesn’t increase the weapon limit.

Surge Accelerator, Exothermic Focus:

It’s a simple, but useful relic - it generates ether amount equal to 5% of maximum ether when an enemy is destroyed.

Weapon rework:

Time attack mission rework:

Other changes:


Controller support:

I have made changes to how controllers work with Sector Six and now the game should support more controllers.

Old save update:

To fix new Restoration War glitches, old saves will generate new missions upon loading the game and will set contested region to region 25. Ether efficiency and cooling rate properties have been removed, so items will be updated to have weapon damage properties instead. Sections with weapon skins will have their skins changed to plating skin. Level 91+ relics will be scaled down to level 90.

Have fun!


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