Echo #106: Second weapon rework

I’ve been working on another weapon rework for a while now.

The first weapon rework made pylons and nodes reduce ability cooldowns and ether costs. It was a good idea on paper, but because pylons and nodes don’t affect attack abilities, relays were much more useful than pylons and nodes.

So I have decided to have another rework to make pylons and nodes useful. Another goal is to increase attack variety.

Second weapon rework makes all weapons increase weapon damage, and work differently with different abilities.

For example, Missile Strike will release missiles from relays, shards from pylons, and AoE waves from nodes.

Same is with other attack abilities, so in total there will be 9 different attacks, 3 for each weapon type per attack ability.

As I’m writing this echo, I have already made 8 attacks, only one to go!

So that’s part 1 of the second weapon rework.

Part 2 is to re-implement ability cost modifying effects to the game.

Right now the plan is to add relics with these effects:


House of Hate, Isotope Equalizer:


Atomic Library And Muon Loom:


Tempoquake, Cryoflash:


Zero Spire, Coolant Injector:


The Pendulum:


Part 3 is giving abilities weapon synergies.

For example, installing relays will increase the chance of Shards of Chaos ability releasing 10 shards instead of 5. Most of the abilities should have some sort of weapon synergy effects.

It’s a lot of work to come up and implement these effects, so I will be adding them gradually.

Attack ability changes and new relics should come out with the next update. The next update should be released this month.

Aside from weapon rework, the update will include new enemies and time attack mission rework.

Hope this sounds good.

Until next time!

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