Sector Six: Now out of Early Access

After 3 years of development, 2 years of Early Access, hundreds of changes, fixes, reworks, and additions - Sector Six is finally complete!

For those who don’t know what Sector Six is:

Sector Six is a shooter with many RPG elements: Inventory, procedurally generated equipment, a leveling system, rewards, story missions, and so on! Your goal - alongside stopping the Machine invasion - is to build the best spaceship ever.

Unlike arcade shooters, in Sector Six won’t be fighting more than 5 enemies at once, but fights are more tactical and enemies can take more than one shot. Most enemies have unique attacks or weak spots, which means that the more you play, the more skilled you’ll become at fighting those enemies.

You will also get better at using your spaceship’s abilities - there are 31 active combat abilities and 9 of them can be taken to battle.

The final and most important layer of your progression is spaceship building.

Destroying enemies will reward you with procedurally generated parts. There are 7 rarity grades of parts, starting with generic parts, that are most common and only have one property and ending with relics, that are rare, have 7 properties, unique skins and effects. There are also part sets, that unleash game-changing effects if you install 6 parts of the same set.

You can install up to 80 parts, up to 9 relics, and have one set effect active - and if you’ll find a right way to combine them, your spaceship will become unstoppable!

The better you and your spaceship get, the more difficult missions you can complete and modular difficulty system allows you control almost every aspect of difficulty - even enemy swarm size and mission length! Increasing difficulty increases rewards, which will allow you complete even higher difficulty missions - so you can keep pushing yourself.

But you can also play the game just for the story. Each story mission has something that other missions don’t have, they vary in length and structure, have dialogues, cutscenes, bosses, special events, and enemies.

So, that’s the game!

For those who know what Sector Six is, but didn’t play version 0.9.9:

Version 0.9.9 has added the remaining story missions, endgame content, new bosses, relics, and more. Weapons, ether, abilities, and reward systems have been improved as well. Read more about what changed with version 0.9.9 »

For those who played version 0.9.9, here’s a list of changes:

The future:

For a week or so, I’ll be taking a break from development, while keeping an eye on discussions, comments, and reviews. After that, I’ll be working on weapon, cooling rate, and ether efficiency rework + shared stash. After that is released, I’ll be looking for your feedback to help me decide what the game needs most.

Have fun!


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