Echo #104: End of Early Access, Pre-release beta, and Perfection Project

Here are my plans for the end of Early Access, pre-release beta, and post-release updates:

Release preparations

Testing, uploading new achievements, etc.

Pre-release beta

IMPORTANT: Saves will not be erased after pre-release beta.

IMPORTANT: In pre-release beta, the game is essentially complete. The beta is just in case, I expect Sector Six to be without any major flaws at this point.

During the beta, I’ll ask everyone to play the game to find as many problems as possible! There’s a lot of new features and it’s too much for me to test on my own. During this period I’ll also be making a new, final Sector Six trailer and updating the store page.

End of Early Access

The big release!


During September, I’ll be releasing updates to fix glitches and balance things, if needed. After September, I’ll either start working on a new game or continue developing Sector Six. This depends on the number of sales.

If the game will sell much more copies than it sells now, on average, I’ll continue working on Sector Six. I doubt that it will happen, but it’s not impossible.

If the game will not sell much more than during Early Access, I’ll move on to the next game. I’ll still update Sector Six annually to add the content that is currently missing.

Perfection Project updates

If the game will sell enough copies, some or most of this will be implemented:

Minimum Project updates

Otherwise, only this will be implemented:

IMPORTANT: Everything between minimum and perfection is possible =]

Like always, I will do everything based on feedback and analysis, so these lists will probably change.

Prepare for the beta!


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