Sector Six Release Countdown: 2!

Sector Six endgame content batch 1 is done!

I have added three endgame activities:

Infinity Instances Complete areas in procedurally generated regions that are in Broken Infinity to gain loot quality bonus. Includes instance boss missions and increased chance of spawning uncommon mission types.

Restoration War In the endgame, random regions get scaled to your level, so you can complete missions in low-level regions and secure areas you haven’t secured yet. Securing all 144 areas in Sector Six will reward you with a very powerful relic.

Arcane Arsenal Obtain all relics in the game to get a special relic that will appear in all your saves.

If there will be a demand for more content, I’ll add more endgame activities.

Now I will be working on new achievements, the new save system, a few minor things and…

Well, that is all!

The new ETA is 13 days. I have added extra few days to ETA just in case =]

Normally I’d put task list and screenshots here, but that takes a lot of time and soon it will be possible to experience changes directly, so I won’t bother this time =]

I am going to make another post about my plans for the future of Sector Six, pre-release beta, and out of Early Access release, so until then!


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