Sector Six Release Countdown: 4!

Since the last time I have posted, I have made a new introduction and tutorial, loot rework, region select screen, another MDS reward rework, character customization, and… And something else probably.

The most important of those is, of course, loot rework!

It’s very simple - making missions more difficult will make enemies drop more and better parts. Additionally, drop quality is now influenced by minion power and whether it is modified or not.

For example, modified dreadnought will drop better parts than the normal dreadnought and normal dreadnought will drop better parts than a tank. There are still a lot of random chances involved, so don’t expect this to be true all the time.

Introduction cutscene has been removed, because it was too long and, well, not that good. Instead of it, there are several dialogue boxes that appear before and after the tutorial.

The tutorial has been shortened as well, so it takes a lot less time to get to the real game.

Region select screen allows to quickly jump from one region to the other, without using arrow buttons. This is useful to higher level players and it will be even more useful when the Restoration War activity will be added.

Finally, now it’s possible to create a custom character for dialogues. You can change character’s name and dialogue appearance.

I’m really happy with the improvements, but not that happy with how fast I’ve been working.

Unfortunately, ETA has not moved forward much. Now it’s at 45 days. This is because there were several delays and because loot rework was not included in the previous ETA.

Two steps forward, one step back. This weekend I won’t be at home, so that’s another delay, but when I’m back, I’ll be working on the final story mission and the Machines. My current estimate is that it’ll take 3 weeks, but if I can do it faster, this will bring the release much closer.

Currently, story mission XIV and the Machines are the biggest tasks on the list.


Completed – Minor changes and improvements:

Not completed:

Not completed – Minor changes and improvements:



Until then!


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