Sector Six Release Countdown: 5!

Since the last time I posted, I have finished weapon and ether reworks!

Weapons now modify ability stats and ability ether costs increase with level. These changes have significantly improved quality of loot and variety of possible spaceships.

There are three weapon stats now: Weapon damage, cooling rate, and ether efficiency.

Relays increase weapon damage, which increases ability damage. Pylons increase cooling rate, which reduces ability cooldowns. Nodes increase ether efficiency, which reduces ability ether costs.

It’s possible to focus on one weapon stat to make spaceship deal a lot of damage or have low ability ether costs or have low ability cooldowns. Or anything in between!

For example, during testing, I have built myself a spaceship that reduced cooldowns of its abilities by 94%!

While it dealt very low damage, powerful abilities like Shards of Chaos, Swarm Control, and Entropic Missile had really low cooldowns, so I was able to spam them and it compensated the lack of damage.

It was really fun, and I can’t wait to see what you guys can do with this new system.

As for ether rework, it made each ability point spent increase ether costs of all abilities by 10%. This allowed me to make part ether properties scale with level, so now parts that increase ether are more rewarding than ever!

Now I will be working on making tutorial and introduction shorter and better, which should take about a week. After that, I will work on story mission XIV.

ETA is back to 50 days, because I have added new things to the list and because there were all those reworks that created a huge delay. Let’s hope my calculations will be wrong again, but this time to our favor!


Completed – Minor changes and improvements:

Not completed:



Until then!


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