Sector Six Release Countdown: 8!

Since the last time I have posted, Sector Six has become a much better game! In a chain of small changes, I have made ability points more rewarding, ability scaling more important, six least useful abilities more useful, leveling more consistent, and phase mechanic more effective!

Phase mechanic now used to turn enemy damage into player damage. After X amount of damage taken, player’s spaceship will enter phase which will increase damage by Y% for 5 seconds.

I have also added mission XIII. It’s more or less a big cutscene, but with it done, I can focus on the main features of the final Early Access update.

So, yeah, tomorrow I’m starting to work on relics! The arrival of relics will finally end the dark ages for Sector Six and it will become a true loot game!


Completed – Minor changes and improvements:

Not completed:

Not completed – Minor changes and improvements:



Until then!


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