Echo #101: Mission XI and fused minions

This week I was working on story mission XI.

One of my favorite shows is Legion. I love it for its madness.

Mission XI is an attempt to create my own madness in Sector Six.

During this mission you will encounter:

And other crazy things.

I am an idea generator, every day I get many ideas that could end up in Sector Six or my future games.

Many of these ideas never get implemented. For example, I had an idea of laser trap, but I couldn’t add it to a game because that trap was not fun to avoid.

But there are ideas that not only work but work very well.

The fused minion idea is one of those.

So, what are fused minions?

Like most good ideas, it’s simple. Take minion A and minion B, cut them in half and put them together. Then give the new fused minion abilities from both of original enemies and it’s done.

I made three fused minions for mission XI: Heavy veteran, revenant gatherer, and havoc collector.

Heavy veteran uses veteran’s ballistic attacks and heavy’s reflection. Revenant gatherer is gatherer with low armor, that explodes after some time. Havoc collector is worst of them! It has havoc’s missile flurry and erratic mine with collector’s beam attack and mines.

So, yeah, I’m having a lot of fun making mission XI. It should be released soon, maybe even before April.

Until next time


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