Sector Six: Update! Story mission X, balancing, and Sector Five

Update! Story mission X, balancing, and Sector Five

This update adds a lot of new stuff!

Story mission X

High Path is active, it’s time to travel to a dimension beyond the light of Sector Six. You need to go there to meet a scientist, imprisoned for his work in the forbidden branch of science.

One more step towards victory. One more step towards the unknown.

If the Almadi knew what you did and what you’re planning to do, you would be imprisoned too.

Tips and part rotation

Spaceship building has a received a small update. Now it’s possible to rotate almost every part. Building a cool-looking ship has never been so easy!

With the new functionality, comes new controls, and because there is no way I could stuff explanation for part rotating into an already long tutorial, I have added tips! Now every time you will open spaceship interface, below inventory you will see one of several tips.

One of them will tell you how to rotate parts.


I’ve been playing Sector Six a lot recently and I noticed that I have too many units. To fix that, I made amplifiers, cathodes, and anodes as expensive as fractal parts. This also makes difficulty level rewards even more rewarding.

The other thing that I have noticed was how powerful Searing Beam is.

So, here is what I did:

Finally, diodes used to be too over-powered and made getting high-grade parts way too easy. So, now to upgrade higher grade parts with diodes you need more diodes. E.g.: Upgrading fractal part to mythical now requires 5 diodes.

Sector Five

Accessible after completing mission IX and securing Decelerators area, Sector Five contains these features:

Empty parts

Empty parts are parts with amplifier slots instead of part properties. E.g.: Empty optimized part instead of 2 properties and 1 amplifier slot has 3 amplifier slots. So, now you can craft your own parts by amplifying empty parts! This is another reason why amplifier prices have been increased.

Other changes

Have fun!


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