Echo #98: Flu and stuff

As I expected, mission X got delayed.

It was because I caught the flu and couldn’t work on Sector Six for a whole week.

But before I got sick, I managed to do some good stuff.

Part rotating

It will be possible to rotate almost every part!

Added empty parts

Parts with no stats and a lot of amplifier slots have been added.

They will be sold in one of the areas of Sector Five.

Amplifier cost increased

Amplifiers, anodes, and cathodes now cost as much as fractal parts when you buy them from secured regions.

This is to make empty parts even more expensive and amplifier rewards even more valuable.

Searing Beam changes

Searing Beam now deals less damage - from 150% pylon damage to 80% pylon damage at level 10.

Searing Beam now deals 40% pylon damage at level 1, instead of 15% pylon damage.

Spending points on Searing Beam now increase Searing Beam damage by 4%.

Player hit effects

Player ship will show the same effects as enemies when hit.

Mission X

I have written the script for mission X and done most of the work for Sector Five.

There’s not so much work left to finish it, so hopefully, it will be finished next week.

So that’s what I did.

Until next time!


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