Echo #97: Sector Five

Last week I didn’t do much, unfortunately.

Reasons why:

1) I tried to make more interesting names for parts. Which failed. 2) I updated one of my side projects. For the last time. No more side projects until Sector Six is complete. 3) There were a few farm interruptions.

But this week was not a complete loss.

One of the biggest things that happened this week was a small part update.

In near future, it will be possible to rotate most parts by clicking the right mouse button on a part. Or left trigger, if using a controller.

I’ve also started making Sector Five for story mission X.

Story mission X will take place on Sector Five, which means new areas, new area backgrounds, new enemies, and new cities!

Sector Five will be different in a way that it’s not under attack by the Machines. That means no occupied regions and no minions of the Machines.

I need to make at least three new enemies for Sector Five missions. Well, just two missions - story mission X and arena mission. Since there’s no war, the only fights are in the arenas.

Sector Five will have two areas. One area will be for story mission X, while the other will have a city that sells empty parts and the arena.

Empty parts will expand the spaceship customization further. Empty parts are parts with amplifier slots instead of part properties.

For example, empty fractal parts will have 5 amplifier slots and no properties. All of the empty parts will be level 1.

This week I hope to do most of the things required for mission X and finish making it next week. It will probably get delayed like always, but that’s how it works.

So, yeah, until next time!


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