Echo #95: Fixes and improvements

Steam Winter Sale has brought in new players and new glitch reports, so I spent most of the week fixing those glitches. I have made a major new game+ test run and managed to fix several new game+ problems.

I have also made a bunch of miscellaneous improvements, some of them are quite important:

Instead, they can increase certain ability levels. I have decided that wave chances are too good to be on mythical parts, so now they can only be on etalons.

Now you can fuse [any part] with [any part]!


The same part can be upgraded again by part upgrade chance!


New player experience!

You will no longer have to dismantle parts in inventory page 4 just to enter the secure region and sell the rest of the parts. Basic game functionality!

Less useful stats will appear on part less often!

Before trash stats, all part properties were considered equally useful by the part generator. That will end with the next update.

Trash stats:

After all that, the game will become more stable and pleasant when the new version will be uploaded. And that should happen in a few days, so get ready =]

Until next time!


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