Echo #90: New update schedule and story mission VI

Last week I have returned to working on Sector Six story!

But first, here’s the new update schedule:

Mission VI and mission VII update

Mission VIII and background update

Mission IX and item update

Mission X update

Mission XI update

Mission XII update

Mission XIII update

Mission XIV and last game update

I really wanted to finish Sector Six in 2017, but it’s not going to happen. The new plan is to release the game before the second quarter of 2018.

It should be possible because all that’s left is content and story.

Speaking of story, the mission that I am working on - mission VI - will take place in Tridenkor, Colowis, and Mzenim. This mission will have unique events and enemies like mission IV and a boss fight like mission V!

It’s a very important and ambitious mission - it’s going to change the direction of the story and it will be very intense.

Mission VI will add three new enemies: Havoc, scythe, and barrier. Scythe will immobilize, havoc will fire so many missiles that you will need to hide under the special shield to survive and the barrier is similar to barricades from mission IV, just capable of attacking, nothing special.

And that’s all I can write about mission VI without spoiling it.

Until next time!

PS.: Get a mythical part »

Havoc, scythe and barrier segment


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