Sector Six: Massive update! Region rework and part compression

This update completely changes regions!

Sector Six has been split into 30 different level regions. Regions have different areas, cities, and enemies.

Part compression

Now you can combine two same level and grade parts into one to make your spaceship smaller! You can compress parts in all cities.

Arena missions

Secure areas with arenas and enter them to fight! In the arena, you can choose which enemies to fight. You need to kill 10 minions to complete arena mission. Completing arena mission will reward you with units. The number of units you will get is based on enemies you destroyed during the mission.

Siege missions

Use siege cannon to destroy the Machine bulwark! Siege cannon requires ammo to be used and it can be obtained by killing enemies. Cannon keeps running out of ammo and minions keep coming, making it the most complex side mission!

New enemies

The Machines have released barragers and orbital platforms to wreak havoc in Sector Six. Barragers have a weapon that rapidly fires missiles - don’t get in front of them or you’ll be destroyed! Orbital platforms are not a big threat if you can remove their shields and don’t get hit by their unpredictable mines!

New secured area types

New types of secured areas have been added:

Graphical combat improvements

Added additional enemy hitting animations and sounds to make combat more satisfying. Enemy sprites also become more damaged as they lose armor.

Loot changes

Loot has been rebalanced: Enemies now drop units on almost every kill, while part drops are rarer. There are also new loot messages.

Full list of version 0.9.0 changes »

Have fun!


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