Echo #89: Relics

This week I have added siege missions, improved new game+ and began polishing new map system.

It seems that I’ll need an extra week to finish map rework because the list of minor improvements I have to make has become really big.

Anyway, it’s been a while since I have written about future updates.

As you probably know, after map rework I will finally be making story missions. There are 9 missions left to go, a lot of them will be difficult to make, especially the ones close to the end.

There will be a journey to Sector Five, 7 fights against the Machines, important reveals, new characters and heaps of new content.

This might take me months to make, but these months will be very interesting!

I’m planning to sneak in smaller stuff with story missions on each update.

There are several things I want to add to take game closer to perfection.

One of those things is relics.

Item update back in June really helped to make higher tier items more interesting, but they aren’t as good as legendary items in other loot games.

I always thought that random items are what makes a loot game, but I have to admit that I was wrong. Hand-coded items with unique are just better than procedural items.

At least not with my item generator.

I think that lack of interesting items is the final gameplay flaw of Sector Six.

And I am going to fix it by adding relics!

I came up with the idea of relics by watching some video about Destiny 2. Destiny 2 has legendary items and I was inspired to write a description of a legendary item for Sector Six.

I wrote one, then another one… And now I have a whole bunch of relics! It’s surprisingly easy, there’s a lot of design space that I was not aware of.

Here are some of the relics:

Breakcharm Of Mara

Avadys, Atomic Collector

Etherion’s Fusion Reactor

Mortal Core


Rifted Lure

Ultranid’s Hope

Plasma’s Link

Metasphere, Secondary Main Core

Fractal Repository

Eternal Nodeno

Weaver’s Song

Calm Of Vanadian, Mental Reactor

Relarei To Burn Worlds

I was planning to add some of those effects as small part sets, but this works much better!

I would like write more about relics but it’s time for me to deal with a huge list of not-so-huge improvements and glitches.

Until next time!


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