Echo #88: Part compression

This week I have added remaining 15 regions, improved secure regions, implemented part compression system and began working on siege missions.

The most interesting of these is part compression.

Part compression allows you to combine two parts into one! Compressed parts are easier to manage and allow to built smaller spaceships.

Things you need know about compressed parts:

Also, compressed part is two parts stat-wise, but physically it is one part. Using compressed parts will make Awakening Of Inner Power and Creation Of Energy abilities weaker. I am planning to adjust few more abilities to work like that and keep uncompressed parts viable.

So yeah, now you choose how big your spaceship will be!

To make part compression, I had to add few things to cities in secure regions. One thing led to another and I have made several improvements to secure regions.

Most noticeable of them are graphical improvements. Cities still don’t look as good as I want them to look, but it’s a step forward.

I have also made city entering and leaving faster and automatic, you no longer need to manually move your ship to the city.

Anyway, as I have planned, this week I have added remaining 15 regions. Now Sector Six has 145 areas and it should take about 300 missions or 15 hours to secure all of them! It’s unnecessary and I don’t recommend doing that, but it still feels good to have so much content.

With all of that done, only four things remain in to-do list:

I can probably do all of that in a week, so the update is close!

Hang in there!


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