Echo #87: Harvest week

Map rework continues! Last week I have added more regions, added contribution system, improved map interface further, relocated certain regions and changed story mission 5.

I would have done more, but I have burned out in the middle of the week and had to spend a whole day recovering. Also, I had to help my parents to harvest beets, so didn’t have much time to work on the game.

Coincidentally, I added a reward system that allows you to harvest free items! To do that, you need to secure region that contributes parts, then complete mission in the other area of the region and hit the new “Collect” button in map interface to collect contributions.

There are 15 regions now out of planned 30. I expect to have all regions added to the game next week. I should have more time and remaining regions have no story missions, so I can add regions faster.

Here’s the updated to do list from the previous echo:

Adding one region takes about 10-20 minutes, including adding decorations and naming the areas, so it should be done quickly. And yes, now I give a unique name to each area.

The interesting thing about area names is that they aren’t gibberish. If you will pay attention to them, you may find out a lot about Sector Six.

For example, Archmist region area names: Colowa, Phasia, Kor, Negatar and Mzenor.

They are archaic names of Negati, Phase, Colowis, Tridenkor and Mzenim. That’s because sentient life in Sector Six began in Archmist asteroids.

People from Phasia colonized region now known as Phase, it was the centre of Phasian civilization. People from Kor later have conquered Phase and created Empire of Kor.

Which later shattered and turned into three smaller empires of Tri, Den and Kor.

Even later those empires were conquered by nations from Colowa, Mzenor and Negatar.

People of Tri, Den and Kor fled to a distant region that they have called Tridenkor.

Tridenkor region is going to have only one area called Innexis. And in the Almadi language “Innex” means “Unity”. From the word “In” - “One”.

A lot of area names mean something in Almadi language, they will start making more sense as I will develop the Almadi language and reveal more of its words.

I rarely write about this, but a lot of names and features in Sector Six have stories behind them.

Anyway, I have relocated certain regions and added new regions.

Here’s a new list of regions: (And names of upcoming story missions for hype!)

As you can see story mission 5 - The Eight Keys - is spread through 8 regions. It used to work better with old map system because it’s not designed to be linear, but I can’t do anything about it now.

Besides that, the new map system works well and I can continue developing it =] It should be finished in two more weeks.

Next week I am planning to work on secure regions, I’m going to make cities look better and add part compression.

That’s all I have for this echo, so until next time!


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