Echo #86: Map rework intensifies

Last week I have done a huge part of map rework and added arena mission.

Arena mission works just like I have described it in the previous echo and map rework is going really well! I have already changed most of the things to work with the new map system.

Left to do:

This is not only the map rework, I’m also trying to add some of the remaining features.

Features like part compression, siege mission and endgame area.

Endgame area will be the last area in Sector Six after map rework. You will be able to customize it - set the level of enemies, choose which enemies will spawn in that area and other things. It will your main hub after completing the story. Alternatively, you’ll be able to start a new game+, which will reset story missions and increase levels of regions.

Siege mission will be a fun gameplay loop. Massive structure of the Machines will spawn minions, you will destroy them for ammo to reload siege cannon Reloaded cannon will fire a missile at the Machine structure and then you’ll have to get more ammo. This will continue until you will destroy the Machine structure.

Part compression will allow you to compress two parts into one, so you will be able to make your spaceship slimmer. It will give even more customization. To keep big ships viable, I’m planning to make certain abilities benefit from spaceship size.

This update is very fun to do so far and will probably make the game like 90% complete!

That is the end of this echo. Until next time!


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