Echo #85: Areas of Deep Path

Last week I spent a lot of time trying to improve HUD.

Unfortunately, none of the changes did anything good to it, I had to revert them and now I’m working on map rework.

My plan is to add 3 zones and see how that changes the game. The first zone is Deep Path.

Deep Path will have 7 level 1 areas:

Aon Way

Berel Way

Cyr Way

Dask Way

Ewe Way

Fion Way

Galis Way

Aon Way, Berel Way, Cyr Way… It just means area A, area B, area C… Giving all the areas in 30 regions unique names would take too much time. I will eventually give certain areas more meaningful names, but for now, it will be like that.

So, map rework will not only change the way player progresses through Sector, it will also add new features.

Instead of having shops, some regions contribute items and resources to help you fight the Machines. Contributions will be given out after every successful mission in the region.

For example, if you have secured Ewe Way and then complete mission in Irre Way, Ewe Way will give you some units.

Another new feature is arena missions.

Because the Machines will not occupy regions anymore, you would run out of missions after you have secured all areas in the region. Arena missions will prevent that.

Securing all areas in the region will be enough to level up and move to the next region, but I’ll add arena missions just to be safe.

So, how will arena missions work?

Arena missions will be similar to good old kill missions.

During arena missions, you will never fight more than one minion at once in the arena.

Also, after every minion destroyed, you will need to choose one of two randomly chosen opponents. E.g.: Heavy or tank, veteran or acolyte, modified collector or probe.

To complete arena mission, you will have to destroy 10 minions. Arena mission reward is always units and amount of units are based on which minions you have defeated. Bigger minions will give more units.

There’s also an option to continue fighting indefinitely after required 10 fights.

To be able to do arena missions, you will have to secure the areas that have arenas.

Anyway, right now I’m working on making map more eye pleasing. I’m going to make map squares bigger, mission icons more visible and add decorative map squares.

And that’s all of the news! Until next time!


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