Sector Six: Update! Part sets and advanced part management

This update implements the last item and spaceship building features!

Part sets

Now you will have a chance to find parts that belong to a set. If you will equip 12 parts of the same set, you will be able to activate a powerful set effect!

There are 7 part sets:

+400% damage. Damage boost is applied only if your spaceship has equal amount of relays, pylons, and nodes.

Enemy projectiles go through your spaceship. Enemy projectiles damage your spaceship only if they hit the Elder Mechanism. Shield duration is reduced to 2 seconds. Maximum armour is reduced by 90%. Reflect chance is reduced to 0%. Taken damage reduction is reduced to 0%.

Cooldowns of all abilities are reduced to 0.5 seconds. Activating an ability deals damage to your spaceship. Damage dealt is equal to 10% of maximum armour.

Your spaceship gets +1% damage for every 5 ether. Base maximum armour of your spaceship is equal to maximum ether multiplied by 50.

Your spaceship has +4% damage for every 1% of missing ether. Your spaceship is destroyed if ether reaches 100.

Weapon limit is equal to part limit. Ether is removed.

Relay, pylon and node damage is equal to maximum armour of your spaceship. Every 1 seconds damage is dealt to your spaceship. Damage dealt is equal to 2% of maximum armour.

Only extant, mythical and etalon parts can belong to a set.

Part sets are a massive change and your feedback is needed more than ever! If you think that they need some improvements, please let me know.

New part properties

Advanced part management

Part management interface has been updated with the new options! Now you can highlight, dismantle or unequip:

These options are also available in cities!

Miscellaneous improvements and changes

Have fun! =]

Bloom Azimar's Killframe set effect Advanced part management New options


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