Echo #74: Waves, phases, and explosions

Last week I have implemented wave part properties, started working on advanced part management and did few graphical improvements.

Item update is almost done. I only need to finish part management which will take 1 or 2 days, add the last part properties and fix all those glitches that have crawled into the game with recent changes.

After that is done, I’ll make few graphical changes and then update will be released. The update should happen on the next weekend!

I’ve already written about white, red and black waves, so now I want to write a bit about phase chance and phase damage properties.

Phase chance will dictate how often your spaceship will enter the phase of increased power. During the phase, you will deal more damage. The phase will last 5 seconds. Phase damage will increase damage dealt during the phase. For example, if your phase damage is equal to 200%, all of your abilities will deal 200% more damage during the phase. Simple and effective!

Phase chance should replace unleash chance, which I have removed two weeks ago.

Anyway, next week I will also continue working on graphics. I wasn’t planning on doing that, but I’ve got some feedback and… started working graphics =P

So, that’s all for this echo, I hope next time I’ll have more news!


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