Sector Six: Update! Gauntlet, time siege, 45 new achievements and more!

Download new version now to test your spaceship in new region missions and unlock new achievements! This update also includes many graphical and gameplay improvements.


Gauntlet is just like kill mission, except that during gauntlet your alloy container, repairing abilities and parts will not work! If you will survive gauntlet, you will get an extant part!

Time siege

During time siege, you will have to defeat all Sector Six enemies from weakest to strongest! The faster you’ll do it, the better reward you will get.

New achievements

25 achievements for exploring Sector Six, 5 achievements for completing missions, 10 miscellaneous achievements, and 5 secret achievements! These new achievements will encourage you to try new things.

New combat options

Now you can disable XP gain and enable easy mode! Easy mode halves enemy damage, armor, XP reward and disables modular difficulty system.

Inventory glitch fixed

You will no longer end up with -5785 inventory slots!

Lethal Weapons and Aberrant Armour nerfed

+200% armor and damage per level were way too much! Now Lethal Weapons and Aberrant Armour will only increase enemy armor and damage by 100%.

Graphical changes

Other changes

Have fun!

Next update: Part sets, advanced item filtering, high-grade part improvements and new part properties!


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