Echo #70: All upcoming updates

This echo is slightly different - it’s a list of all updates that are left to do until Sector Six is completed!

Next update

Update that will come out next is an achievement and graphic update.

45 new achievements! Various graphical improvements.

This is the last graphical update! Sector Six will no longer change graphically.

The last item update

New part designs. New part properties. High-grade part improvements. Part sets. New filtering options. Alternative weapons.

The last crafting update

Part crafting. Part compression.

The Router update

Concealed regions with epic rewards, unlocked by completing achievements.

The boss update #1

New boss. Armored colony seeker improvements.

The boss update #2

The last boss.

Combat expansion #1

Titan class. New side missions.

Combat expansion #2

Nomad class. New side missions.

The remaining story missions

Story mission VI Story mission VII Story mission VIII Story mission IX Story mission X Story mission XI Story mission XII Story mission XIII Story mission XIV

Endgame update

Permanent death and hardcore modes. Ability to set maximum level, enable and disable sources of loot and experience. Ability to replay the Machine boss fights. Creative mode. Last batch of achievements.

Full release

After I will do all of that, the game will be completed! This list might not mean a lot to you, but to me, it’s amazing to finally know for sure what I’ll have to do to finish Sector Six!

Amazing. And terrifying! That’s so much to do! I’ll go work on it right away!


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