The Cursed Legion: Update! Iriary campaign, new cards and new mechanics!

The journey of the Cursed Legion continues! Archlegionaire leads the Legion to the Republic of Iriary, an epicentre of the Alliance’s war against the Rebellion.

Action cards

Actions are the new type of cards. Instead of creating minions, action cards activate powerful skills This adds a whole new layer of strategy!


The Republic of Iriary is a new area east of Columa. Iriary contains 10 new challenging quests with generous rewards.

Starter cards

Instead of spending 100 silver to buy 6 random cards in the beginning, now you choose one of 5 starter packs. In addition to 4 cards of the chosen faction, you will also receive 2 action cards.

New cards

Over 10 new cards have been added to Rebirth recruitment pack and Iriary quest rewards! Become my patron on Patreon to see all of them: Click here »

Target skills

Several of newly added cards have Strike Target skill. Strike Target will deal damage to a card selected by you!

Minor improvements

What’s next?

This update is a huge step forward, but The Cursed Legion is still full of problems! Next update will improve the battle system - many annoying inconsistencies and glitches will be fixed. I will also try to implement card redraw feature. But more about that in upcoming posts!

Have fun!

PS.: Almost 400 downloads! That is absolutely amazing!


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