Echo #69: Next few weeks

Due to technical difficulties, the next update is postponed. I can’t say for how long, could be a day, could be weeks.

That gives me plenty of time to add more stuff!

Right now I am working on new achievements and achievement icons. There will be 30+ new achievements! This number is inflated because I will add an achievement for completing a mission in each region.

Aside from standard achievements for completing missions, reaching a certain level, and activating abilities, I will also add five secret achievements. And that’s the only thing you’ll hear from me about them!

Every achievement will get a unique icon. Current Steam achievement icons will be updated as well.

Once I’m done with achievements, I will start working on a graphical update.

I will try to improve projectile impacts again, make better death animations, improve interfaces and maybe even add some sort of movement animations.

And then there’s this:

New Sector Six art style?

Since the very beginning of the development, I’ve been hearing that Sector Six art style is great, but it has one problem. It makes everything look similar.

I wasn’t worrying too much about it because there was no solution to this problem and I had bigger problems to deal with.

But after making the image above, I think I finally know how to increase variety without sacrificing enigmatic silhouettes.

There’s a lot of things to figure out about this.

What colour should the lights be? What to do with spaceship parts that are tiny and don’t allow big lights? What changes do I need to do player spaceship and enemy graphics to ensure that it will look clean? Do I need to add lights to region background images?

If I’ll manage to find solutions to all of those problems, then I will make this change.

All of this gives me enough work for a month!

So, that’s all for this echo, hopefully, next one will come after a week, like it is supposed to.

Until next time!


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