Echo #68: Time siege and gauntlet update is coming soon!

Last two weeks I’ve lost a lot of development time because my PC broke down few times. But now my PC is back to being a functioning game development device and I’m happy to announce that Sector Six is going to be updated next week!

Next update features few neat graphical improvements, a possible fix to dreadful inventory glitch, and a good dose of new content!

After hearing few complaints about the lack of content, I have put everything aside and made two new region missions - time siege and gauntlet!

Time siege is about destroying a siege unit as fast as possible! This mission is the first Sector Six mission that has a performance-based reward. The faster you will destroy a siege unit, the better reward you will get at the end of the mission. Getting to a siege unit is not easy - you will have to defeat each of current Sector Six enemies - from swarming to an apparition. Time siege mission will always generate the same enemies in the same order, so the outcome of the mission is completely based on your skill and spaceship.

Gauntlet is similar to good old kill mission in a way that during it, you’ll get to kill a certain amount of enemies. The catch is that during a gauntlet mission, you will not be able to repair your spaceship! All damage received is permanent. The reward is proportional to the challenge - you will receive extant part if you will manage to survive!

I was also meant to do a heroic gauntlet mission, but because my PC broke, I decided to add that with some other update. I want to keep the gaps between updates as small as possible.

There’s not much to say about the graphical changes - backgrounds, region entering/leaving and the main menu are simply better now!

So, that’s all for this echo, I hope you guys are excited about the update as much as I am!

Until next time!


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