Echo #66: New game+ and collectors

Since the last time I posted, I have added collectors, an ability to reset story missions and made a bunch of small, but awesome improvements!

An ability to reset story missions is a first step towards having a new game+ feature! Personally, I’m not a fan of new game+ in other games, but I’m sure that it’s a great feature for Sector Six. Resetting story missions is completely optional, there are no changes to missions.

You will able to reset missions soon because with collectors added, there’s not much left to do until I can release the new version!

Collectors are new the minions that are as powerful as veterans. In my initial plans, collectors were supposed to collect parts and repair themselves. It was impossible to make that work, so instead, collectors were given an armour core, two unique attack abilities, and a shielding ability.

As I mentioned, I have made some cool improvements to various parts of Sector Six.

Here’s few of them:

Now I will be working on new apocalypse and carrier abilities. If they will be done before the weekend, that’s when I am going to release the new update!

Until next time!


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