Sector Six: Massive update! Mission V is now available!

Mission V: The Eight Keys is now available! Mission V is longest story mission so far and the first mission that is composed of smaller missions. It features many reveals, decision making, and a tough boss fight!

With the new missions comes few important changes.

The first change is updated enemy grouping system. Now enemies can often be encountered in groups, composed out of 2 or 3 random enemies. This creates many interesting combat situations.

Second change is the new inventory management options. I have added two buttons to make inventory management easier. One button dismantles all items of the same grade, for example, all generic parts and the other moves all parts from the building field to inventory.

Finally, I have added beacons back to the game. Beacons are the special enemies that instead of fighting the player, repairs other damaged enemies. Beacons were removed during combat overhaul.

Minor changes and fixes:

Have fun!


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