Echo #55: Swarms, secrets and decisions

Last two weeks I was working on story mission V! I have set up the structure of the mission, now all I need to do is to write last two dialogues, create new enemy and boss.

Story mission V contains more dialogues than the rest of game combined and it took me really a lot of time to write them. But it was really fun! The further story goes, the easier it becomes to write and I can get to reveal some interesting things.

Every story mission brings something new to the game. This mission brings ability for player to make choices. In mission V and other future missions, sometimes you will have to make decisions that will slightly change the course of the story.

Next week, besides working on mission V, I am planning to work on things that aren’t related to story mission V. I will add part management screen, that will significantly speed up the management of parts. I will improve enemy spawning system to create interesting enemy groups. I am also planing to bring back beacons, that were temporarily removed from game during the combat overhaul. Beacons are special enemies that possess the ability to repair other minions. If it will be possible I will also implement new modifications: “Evolves” and “Regenerates armour”.

It sounds big, but these things will do a lot good to the game and won’t delay the release of mission V much.

Until next time!


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