'Ello! I am Ivar, also known as an independent game developer Zuurix. I am 21 years old and I am from Lithuania, which explains all the grammar errors =]

Ever since I have discovered the awesomeness that is computer games, I wanted to make my own.

Before I started developing games, I used to make drawings in MS Paint - quest logs, items, areas, monsters and other elements of a fictional game, that I pretended to be making.

After spending too much time doing that, I have realized that I need to start making real games.

I learned a bit of programming, found GameMaker: Studio and suddenly I became a game developer. I am still amused by a fact that I am able to make games!

Since I have begun making games, I have made 4 larger games and several smaller ones. Usually, I work alone on my games because I'm not a team guy and that means that I have to do almost everything myself.

Luckily I'm not that bad at programming and I can make decent graphics.

My goal is to create modern, complex, enormous games and every day I am getting closer to achieving that goal. I am very dedicated to making my games and it's the thing that I enjoy doing most.

I also love playing fantasy or science fiction RPG's, CCG's and tower defense games, reading - again - fantasy or science fiction books, talking with people who play my games and listening to music by Two Steps From Hell.

I hate limitations, outdated things, unoriginality, and beetroots.

Oh, and sometimes I use 'Ello instead of Hello. Strange habit, I know.