'Ello! I am Ivar, also known as an independent game developer Zuurix.

I am 21 years old and I am from Lithuania, which explains all the grammar errors =]

Ever since I have discovered the awesomeness that is computer games, I wanted to make my own.

Before I started developing games, I used to make drawings in MS Paint - quest logs, items, areas, monsters and other elements of a fictional game, that I pretended to be making.

After spending too much time doing that, I have realized that I need to start making real games, so I learned a bit of programming and began making games with GameMaker: Studio.

I make big games with complexity, customization, and procedural generation.

Usually, I work alone on my games because I'm not a team guy and that means that I have to do almost everything myself.

I love playing RPG's, CCG's and tower defense games, reading fantasy books, talking with people who play my games and listening to EDM or music by Two Steps From Hell.

Oh, and sometimes I use 'Ello instead of Hello. Strange habit, I know.