I am Aivaras Klimas, also known as an independent game developer Zuurix. Making games is everything to me.

Video games have always excited me, I remember pretending to be a game developer ever since I got access to a computer. I used to create interface sprites and other assets with MS Paint for fictional games.

In 2012 my favorite game RuneScape have gone through heavy changes that made it unplayable for me. Because I was unable to find a replacement for that game, I decided to try making my own games.

I learned programming basics with help of online courses and in September 2013 started working with GameMaker: Studio.

Now I can't imagine my life without game development.

My first serious commercial game – Sector Six – was released on May 2016 as a Steam Early Access title.

In September 2018 it has left Early Access and currently, Sector Six is my biggest game.

I am planning to release more games in 2019 and 2020.

When I don't make games, I play games, watch TV shows or YouTube, sometimes read books. I'm a huge fan of everything sci-fi/fantasy.

Contact me

Email: zuurix@protonmail.com